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EOS is an autonomous solar drone designed to ensure exceptional flight duration. Thanks to its lightweight solar panels, it guarantees the longest flight endurance currently present on the market for this category. It is provided with an interchangeable payload nosecone that allows customizing the drone's data collection based on needs. With advanced autonomous algorithms and a 20km range, EOS can reach the mission objectives without the need for direct control from the operator.

grafico radar EOS.png

• Search & Rescue
• Anti-piracy
• Photogrammetry
• Areas & borders surveillance

Agile and reliable for multi-role surveillance

Thanks to its dual thermal/HD camera and an advanced object tracking algorithm, EOS can identify faces and vehicles on the ground up to 600 m altitude and reliably follow its objective. EOS is easily transportable and ready to fly, and it’s suitable for long-range autonomous missions in many operating scenarios such as search & rescue, areas and borders surveillance, photogrammetry, fire detection, intel coordination, and ground operations.

3 hours

Endurance with solar wings


Optical zoom Dual thermal camera


Digital radio link range



  • Range                    15 Km Radio link

  • Endurance             3 hours (solar wings) | 1.5 hours battery

  • Speed                     60 km/h cruise | 80 km/h max

  • Payload                  Modular 6x6 optical dual HD visible / 640x480 thermal

  • Altitude                  80m operational | 4500m max

  • Wind resistance   30 km/h

  • Weight                    2450 gr

  • Wingspan              180 cm solar | 220 cm plane

  • Lenght                   120 cm

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