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Quick intervention heavy lifter solar VTOL

Our Responder VTOL is capable of lifting up to 6Kg of payload. It's designed to be loaded with fire extinguishing material, take off easily, quickly reach the area affected by the fire and precisely drop the payload directly on the flames.

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Long Endurance Surveillance Drone

Quiet, quick, lightweight and easy to deploy GUARDIAN is a reliable companion for all aerial surveillance missions. It boosts an impressive endurance of 8 hours and a radio range of 10km while carrying payloads up to a 3 axis balanced 4K camera with 8x ZOOM. 

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Solar Powered Fixed Wing

QUARK is the first Micro solar drone from Vector Robotics. Quark uses the same flexible double-junction solar panels technology that power EOS, on a smaller scale. It can be deployed anywhere, without the need for complex pre-flight operations or any tool or assembly.




Heavy Lifter VTOL

CUBE is a VTOL tail sitter designed to carry heavy payloads specifically for the 

healthcare sector. Easy to load in its take off and landing position it takes off vertically and then it transitions to the horizontal flight mode using its fixed wing aerodynamic features.

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